The RSRF Potted Biographies Index

© Robert Pruter and Robert L. Campbell

Revised December 26, 2020

Revision note: We will be sprucing up the layout of this index soon. We continue to add further entries.

Below are 400 plus index entries for the potted biographies of musicians, entertainers, and record executives that can be found in the various pages on the Red Saunders Research Foundation site. We've recognized that in these pages there’s a tremendous amount of buried information, and access to it involves a degree of serendipity. For example, in the Buster Bennett page, we have a biographical profile on jazz bassist and nightclub trio leader Duke Groner, but his placement there is not intuitively evident. This index provides the jazz and blues researcher with a tool for finding such information with far less effort.

In some cases, we lack basic biographical information on an individual, but because we may provide extensive career information, some of it found in no other source, we feel the entry is worthy of being indexed.

This is not an index of every act or musician who is named in the RSRF pages. That would require far too many entries and would not be helpful to the researcher. Rather, the index covers only those individuals and acts who are covered in sufficient length to be worthy of a trip. We do not deem a one or two sentence mention on an artist sufficient for inclusion in the index, but a small paragraph on the act constitutes a potted biography in our view and is indexed. Generally, if the act is a vocal group or band, and we provide the names of the members and details on one or more sessions, we will index it.


Abner, Ewart Jr. Vee-Jay
Abraham, Alton Sun Ra
Abraham, Artis Sun Ra
Adams, "Doctor" Jo Jo Aristocrat, Chance, Hy-Tone, Parrot and Blue Lake
Al Smith Combo Al Smith Parts I & II, Vee-Jay
Alexandria, Lorez King Fleming
Allen, Leonard United and States Parts I and II
Allen, Marshall Sun Ra
Ammons, Gene Aristocrat, United and States Part I
Anderson, Robert Miracle, Premium,United and States Part I
Andrews, Debbie United and States Part I
Archia, Ernest "Tom" Tom Archia, Aristocrat
Argo Singers Vee-Jay
Arnold, Billy Boy Cool, Vee-Jay
Aron, Charles Aristocrat
Aron, Evelyn Marks Aristocrat
Ashcraft, Edwin "Squirrel" S D Records
Avant, John Red Saunders, Sun Ra


Bailey, Bo [Larry Pickens] Sun Ra
Ballinger, Reverend Robert United and States Part I, Chess Part 2
Bannister, James United and States Part II
Barry, Robert Sun Ra
Bascomb, Paul Parrot and Blue Lake, United and States Part I
Bates, William "Lefty" Club 51, Mad and M&M, United and States Part II
Bell, Jimmie Aristocrat, Premium
Benimon, William Vee-Jay, Red Saunders
Bennett, Buster Aristocrat, Buster Bennett
Benson All-Star Orchestra Old Swing-Master
Bechet, Sidney Jazz Ltd.
Billy Boy (see Arnold, Billy Boy)
Billy Ford and the Nightriders United and States Part I
Binder, Dennis "Long Man" United and States Part II
Binkley, Jimmy Chance, Checker
Blakey, Wellington Life, Vee-Jay
Blue Jay Singers (See Famous Blue Jay Singers)
Blues Rockers Aristocrat
Bostic, Calvin Chess
Bowman, Priscilla Vee-Jay
Boyd, Eddie JOB
Boyer Brothers (James and Horace) Chance, Vee-Jay
Boykins, Ronnie Sun Ra
Bracken, Jimmy Vee-Jay
Bracken, Vivian Carter Vee-Jay
Braden, Tommy Blazes
Bradix, Big Charley Aristocrat
Brim, Grace JOB
Brim, John JOB, Parrot and Blue Lake, Chess Part 2
Brother Isaiah’s Church of God in Christ Choir Vee-Jay
Brown, Dusty (C. W. Tripplett) Parrot and Blue Lake
Brown, Honey Club 51, Mad and M&M
Brown, J. T. "Nature Boy" Parrot and Blue Lake, United and States Parts I & II
Brown, Joe JOB, Opera
Brown, Oscar, Jr. Mad and M&M
Brown, Pete Session
Brown, Piney Miracle, Mad and M&M
Brown, Tommy United and States Part II
Burkhardt, Jay Seymour
Burrage, Harold United and States Part II, Cobra
Buster, Eddie Mad and M&M
Butler, Cliff United and States Part I
Buckner, Joe Tommy Dean


Cadillac Bob [Robert Cherry] Sun Ra
Cain, Jackie Aristocrat
Campbell, Wilbur Ping
Candoli, Conte Chance
Caravans United and States Part I, Part II,
Carter, Ann Parrot/Blue Lake,Red Saunders
Carter, Bob (bandleader) Cool
Carter, Bob (bass) Sax Mallard,Sunbeam
Carter, Calvin Vee-Jay
Carter, Vivian Vee-Jay
Chamblee, Eddie Miracle, Premium, United and States Parts I & II
Chatman, Christine Aristocrat
Chatman, John L. (see Memphis Slim)
Cleveland, Reverend James United and States Part II
Cobb, Arnett Vee-Jay
Cobb, Danny Vee-Jay
Cochran, William "Bugs" Sun Ra, King Fleming
Coe, Jimmy Jimmy Coe, United and States Part I
Cohn, George "Sonny" Red Saunders, Eddie Johnson
Cohran, (Kelan) Phil Sun Ra
Cooley, Jack Buster Bennett. Miracle, United and States Part I
Cooper, Robert "Prince" Aristocrat, Club 51
Coronets Sax Mallard
Cosey, Antonio Red Saunders
Cosmic Rays, The Sun Ra
Cotton, Ernest United and States Part II
Crawford, Bixie United and States Part I
Crayton, Pee Wee Vee-Jay
Crosby, Bill Sax Mallard
Crum, Robert Gold Seal
Crume Brothers Parrot and Blue Lake
Cryin’ Jesse (Jesse Olden Cryor) Premium


Danderliers United and States Part II
Dash, Julian Vee-Jay
Davis, Charles Sun Ra
Davis, Dick King Kolax, Miracle
Davis, Hugh S D Records
Davis, Jimmie Club 51
Day, Isaac "Ike" Aristocrat
Dean, Tommy Chance, Tommy Dean, Miracle, United and States Part I, Vee-Jay
De’bonairs Ping
Delegates (see Kool Gents)
Dells Vee-Jay
Demus, Earl Sun Ra, Mad and M&M
Derrico, Porter Red Saunders
DiVito, Buddy Chance
Dixon, Dave "Dizzy" Vee-Jay
Dohler, Bill S D Records
Dohler Four S D Records
Dotson, Hobart Ping, Sun Ra
Douglas, Ray "Bill" Opera
Douglas, Roy "Buck" Hy-Tone, Opera
Dozier Boys Aristocrat, Dozier Boys, United and States Part I
Dupuy, Nelda United and States Part I


Easton, Gene Tommy Dean, Sun Ra
Easton, McKinley "Mac" Red Saunders
Eddie and Chuck Chance
Eggleston, Cyril J. "Cozy" United and States Part I
El Dorados Vee-Jay
Emerson, Billy "The Kid" Mad and M&M, Vee-Jay
Enforcers, (Clarence Wheeler &) the Mad and M&M
Equalos [Equallos] Mad and M&M
Evans, Paul "Doc" Jazz Ltd., S D Records
Ewell, Don Jazz Ltd.


Famous Blue Jay Singers Aristocrat
Famous Boyer Brothers Chance, Vee-Jay
Fascinators Parrot and Blue Lake
Favors, Malachi Ping
Fields, Herbie Parrot and Blue Lake
Five Blazes Aristocrat, Blazes, United and States Parts I & II
Five Blue Notes Chance
Five Cs United and States Parts I & II
Five Chances Chance, Parrot and Blue Lake, United and States Part II
Five Echoes Chance, Vee-Jay
Five Stars Jimmy Coe
Five Thrills Parrot and Blue Lake
Flamingos Chance, Parrot and Blue Lake
Fleming, Walter "King" King Fleming, Parrot and Blue Lake
Floyd, Harlan "Booby" Red Saunders
Forrest City Joe (Joe Bennie Pugh) Aristocrat
Forrest, Jimmy United and States Part I
Foster, "Baby Face" Leroy Aristocrat, JOB, Parkway, Tempo-Tone
Foster, Little Willy Parrot and Blue Lake
Four Blazes (Chicago) Blazes, United and States Parts I & II
Four Blazes (Los Angeles) Blazes
Four Buddies Club 51
Four Shades of Rhythm Chance, Mad and M&M, Old Swing-Master, Vitacoustic
Four Vagabonds Miracle
Fowler, T. J. United and States Part I
Freeman, Lawrence "Bud" Gold Seal, S D Records
Freeman, Earl Lavon "Von" Parrot and Blue Lake, Ping
Freeman, Eldridge "Bruz" Seymour
Freeman Five S D Records
Freeman Four S D Records
Freeman Foursome S D Records


Gardner, Jack S D Records
Garvin, Flo Jimmy Coe
Gems, The Drexel
Gibbs, Weird Dock Kolax
Gilmore, John Sun Ra
Gray, Charles Buster Bennett, Rhumboogie
Gray, Henry (piano) Parrot and Blue Lake
Gray, Wardell Vee-Jay
Green, Bennie Parkway
Green, George "Stardust" Chance, Mad and M&M
Green, Wilburn Sun Ra
Greene, Rudy Chance, Club 51
Griffin, Bessie (Arlette Broil) Parrot and Blue Lake, United and States Part II
Griffin, Johnny Parrot and Blue Lake
Grimes, Tiny United and States Part I
Groner, Edward "Duke" Aristocrat, Buster Bennett, Vee-Jay
Guy, Browley Miracle, United and States Part I, Parrot and Blue Lake


Haig, Ronnie Jimmy Coe
Hampton, Riley Red Saunders
Hardy, Jon L. Sun Ra
Harmonicats Vitacoustic
Harris, Alfred "Blues King" United and States Part II
Hartman, Johnny Sunbeam
Hawkins, Coleman Parrot and Blue Lake
Hayes, Sherman Aristocrat
Helen Robinson Youth Chorus Vee-Jay
Henke, Mel Vitacoustic
Herndon, Jim Sun Ra
Hicks, Ramona (see Lillie Mae Kirkman)
Higginbotham, J. C. Session
Highway QC’s Vee-Jay
Hi-Liters Vee-Jay
Hill, Andrew Ping
Hiorns, Dick Aristocrat
Hodes, Art Session
Holloway, James "Red" Club 51, Mad and M&M
Hooker, John Lee Vee-Jay
Hope, Lynn Premium
Hornets United and States Part I
Horton, Big Walter "Shakey" United and States Part II
Howard, Camille Vee-Jay
Hoyle, Art Chance, Sun Ra
Hudson, George (trumpet) Sun Ra
Hunter, Lurlean Seymour
Hunter, Tommy "Bugs" Premium, Vee-Jay
Hutto, J. B. Chance


Imon, Ben (see Benimon, William)


Jackie & Roy Aristocrat
Jackson, Chubby Chance
Jackson, Armand "Jump" Aristocrat
Jackson, LeRoy Seymour
Jacobs, (Marion) Walter (see Little Walter)
Jamal, Ahmad Parrot and Blue Lake
James, Bobbie Club 51
Jay Burkhardt Band Seymour
Jenkins, Duke Aristocrat, Cobra
Jenkins, Robert Parkway
Jimmy James Jas Band Seymour
Johnny Wicks’ Swinging Ozarks United and States Part I
Johnson, Eddie Eddie Johnson
Johnson, Ziggy Rhumboogie
Joiner’s Five Trumpets JOB
Jones, Clifford "Snags" Session
Jones, Curtis Parrot and Blue Lake
Jones, Floyd (guitar) Old Swing-Master, Planet and Marvel, Tempo-Tone, JOB, Chess, Vee-Jay
Jones, Floyd (trumpet) (see Floyd Valentine)
Jones, Fritz (see Ahmad Jamal)
Jones, Grant "Mr. Blues" King Kolax, United and States Part I
Jones, Jimmy (piano) Session
Jones, (Little) Johnny Aristocrat
Jones, Moody Old Swing-Master, Planet and Marvel
Jones, Richard M. Session
Jones, Tommy "Mad Man" Mad and M&M
Jones, Willie (pianist) Willie Jones, Parkway, Vee-Jay
Jones, Willie (drummer) Willie Jones


Kador, Ernest ("Ernie K-Doe") United and States Part I
Kansas City Frank (see Melrose, Frank)
Kari, Isaac Saxton "Sax" JOB, United and States Part I
Kelly Brothers Chance, Vee-Jay
Kilbert, Porter Aristocrat, Ping
Kincheloe, Turk (Stuart Kincheloe, Kirk Stuart) Vee-Jay
King, Albert Parrot and Blue Lake
King, Eddie JOB
Kings Men Club 51
Kirkman, Lillie Mae Buster Bennett, Miracle
Knight, Danny Aristocrat
Knights of Rhythm Vee-Jay
Knowles, R. L Hy-Tone
Kolax, King (William Little) King Kolax, Opera, Vee-Jay
Kool Gents Vee-Jay
Kral, Roy Aristocrat


Larkin, Milt Tom Archia
Leaner, Ernie Parkway
Leaner, George Parkway
Lee (Henley), John JOB
Lenoir, J. B. Chance, JOB, Parrot and Blue Lake
Levy, John O. (string bass) Session
Lewis, "Singing" Sammy Aristocrat, United and States Part II, Vee-Jay
Little Eddie Mad and M&M
Little Hudson & His Red Devil Trio JOB
Little Lucy Smith Singers United and States Part II
Little Miss Cornshucks Sunbeam
Little Papa Joe (Jody Williams) Parrot and Blue Lake
Little Walter Parkway, Tempo-Tone
Lockhart Singers Vee-Jay
Lofton, Cripple Clarence Session
Lucas, Lazy Bill Chance


Mabon, Willie Mad and M&M, Parrot and Blue Lake
Maceo Woods Singers Vee-Jay
Mackey, Edith Vee-Jay
Maghostut, Malachi Favors (See Malachi Favors)
Magnificents Vee-Jay, Al Smith Part II
Mallard, Oett "Sax" Aristocrat, Sax Mallard
Mann, Crews "Kenny" Vitacoustic, Seymour
Maples Parrot and Blue Lake
Martin, Bill Hy-Tone
McCarey, Prentice King Kolax
McClam, Clarence "Pro" Vee-Jay
McCollum, Robert (see Nighthawk, Robert)
McDougal, E. Parker Mad and M&M
McGhee, Howard Old Swing-Master
McKinley, L. C. Parrot and Blue Lake, United and States Part II, Vee-Jay
McLawler, Sarah Premium, Vee-Jay
McLin, Claude Aristocrat, Claude McLin, Parkway
McNeely, Big Jay Vee-Jay
Melrose, Frank S D Records
Memphis Slim Hy-Tone, Miracle, Premium, United and States Parts I & II
Mezzrow, Mezz Session
Miller, Jesse Session
Miller, Max Gold Seal, Life
Miller, Ernest "Punch" S D Records, Session
Milt Larkin Band Tom Archia
Mims, T. S. Hy-Tone
Mole, Miff Miracle
Monta’gue (Nathaniel Montague) Vee-Jay
Monti, Lee, and the Tu Tones Aristocrat
Moonglows Chance
Moore, Reverend Gatemouth Aristocrat
Moore, Melvin GloTone, Sunbeam
Morganfield, McKinley (see Muddy Waters)
Moroccos United and States Part II
Muddy Waters Aristocrat, Parkway, Tempo-Tone
Murphy, Elbert "Tiny" United and States Part I


Narcisse, Prince James Mad and M&M
Neely, John King Fleming
Nelson, Oliver Tommy Dean
Newell, Little Eddie Mad and M&M
Nichols, Red S D Records
Nighthawk, Robert Aristocrat, United and States Part I
Nighthawks Aristocrat
Norfleet Brothers JOB
Norvo, Red (Kenneth Norville] S D Records
Nu Sounds, The Sun Ra


Oden, James Burke (St Louis Jimmy) JOB, Opera, Parrot and Blue Lake
Ogletree, Lewis "Bill" Parrot and Blue Lake
Orchids Parrot and Blue Lake
Original Five Blind Boys Vee-Jay
Orioles Vee-Jay
Orr, Billy Aristocrat
Otto, Richard Vee-Jay
Overbea, Danny Premium, King Kolax


Palmer, Cal (Lillian Palmore) Ebony
Palmer, Gladys Miracle
Palmer, Henry JOB
Palmore, Lillian Ebony
Palms Parrot and Blue Lake, United and States Part II
Parker, Leo Parrot and Blue Lake, United and States Part I
Passis, Monroe ("Monty", "Ray") Parkway
Pastels United and States Part II
Patrick, Laurdine "Pat" Ping, Sun Ra
Pejoe, Morris United and States Part II, Vee-Jay
Pelicans, The Parrot and Blue Lake
Perkins, Bob Old Swing-Master, Planet and Marvel
Perkins, Ike United and States Part I
Perry, Johnny Rondo
Perry, Oliver "King" King Fleming
Pettis, Ray Drexel
Phillips, Earl Vee-Jay
Porter, John A. "Schoolboy" Chance
Priester, Julian Sun Ra
Prince, Bobby (Charles Gonzales) Chance
Prince James Quartet Mad and M&M
Pryor, James Edward "Snooky" JOB, Old Swing-Master, Planet and Marvel, Parrot and Blue Lake, Vee-Jay


Randol, Christine Old Swing-Master
Randoph, Hattye Drexel, Sun Ra
Randoph, Lucious Sun Ra
Rasberry, Raymond Vee-Jay
Raven, Jo Ann Vee-Jay
Reed, Jimmy Vee-Jay
Reed, Lucy (Lucille Dollinger, Lucille DeRidder, Lucille Reed) Chance
Reinhardt, Bill Jazz Ltd.
Reinhardt, Ruth Sato Jazz Ltd.
Reverend James Lofton’s Choir Vee-Jay
Rhodes, Todd Vitacoustic
Rhythm Aces, The Vee-Jay
Rhythm Willie (Hood) Premium
Ricard, Fortunatus "Fip" Red Saunders
Richardson, Rudy Miracle
Robinson, Reverend (or Brother) Cleophus Miracle
Robinson, Helen Vee-Jay
Robinson, Rudy Mad and M&M
Rogers, Jimmy JOB,Parkway, Tempo-Tone
Ross, Jack Chance
Rothner, Nathan Hy-Tone
Rucker, Laura Aristocrat, Claude McLin
Rushing, Jimmy Parrot and Blue Lake


, Miracle, Chance
Samuels, Bill Miracle
Samuels, Clarence Aristocrat
Saunders, Red Red Saunders, Sultan, Aristocrat, Parrot and Blue Lake
Scales, James Sun Ra, King Kolax
Scales, Chester A. Planet and Marvel
Schwartz, Seymour Seymour
Scott, Mabel Parrot and Blue Lake
Sellers, Brother John Ebony
Sharps and Flats, The Miracle
Sheppards Theron, United and States Part II
Sheridan, Art Chance, Vee-Jay
ShInault, Deacon Leroy Ping
Shines, Johnny Chance, JOB
Shipp, Dave Vee-Jay
Shower, "Little" Hudson JOB
Silver Quintette Vee-Jay
Simmons, Lonnie Parrot and Blue Lake
Simpkins, Arthur Lee Gold Seal
Simpson, Cassino S D Records
Simms, Lawrence "Micky" Red Saunders
Skeetz Van and His Orchestra Aristocrat
Smith, Al Al Smith Parts I & II, Chance, Vee-Jay, Parrot, United and States Parts I & II
Smith, Floyd Aristocrat, Hy-Tone
Smith, Mabel "Big Maybelle" Tom Archia
Smith, Talmadge "Tab" Premium, United and States Parts I & II
Smith, Tony Mad and M&M
Snooky and Moody Planet and Marvel
Sonderling, Egmont Old Swing-Master
Soper, Oro M. "Tut" S D Records
South, Eddie Eddie Johnson
Spaniels Vee-Jay
Spanier, Muggsy Jazz Ltd.
Spaulding, James Sun Ra
Spires, Arthur "Big Boy" Chance, United and States Part II
Spiritualaires United and States Part II
Spiritualaires of Columbia, S.C. Vee-Jay
Sproles, Victor Sun Ra
St Louis Jimmy (James Burke Oden) Aristocrat, JOB, Opera, Parkway, Parrot and Blue Lake
Staple Singers United and States Part I, Vee-Jay
Stevenson, Kitty Old Swing-Master, Chance
Stidham, Arbee Sax Mallard, United and States Part II
Steiner, John S D Records
Stitt, Sonny Premium,
Strickland, Walter Sun Ra
Stuart, Kirk (see Kincheloe, Turk)
Students Jimmy Coe
Sun Ra (Herman "Sonny" Blount) Red Saunders, Sun Ra
Sunnyland Slim (Albert Luandrew) Aristocrat, Club 51, Hy-Tone, Opera, Parrot and Blue Lake, Tempo-Tone, Vee-Jay
Swan Silvertones Vee-Jay
Swanson, Petite (Alphonso Horsley) Sunbeam
Sykes, Forrest Aristocrat
Sykes, Roosevelt Parkway,United and States Part I, Sax Mallard


Taman, Irving ("Big Irv") Tempo-Tone
Tarver, Leon Parrot/Blue Lake
Tasso the Great United and States Part I
Taylor, Eddie Vee-Jay
Teter, Jack Chance
Thompson, Alphonso "Sonny" Miracle, Sultan
Thompson, Helen United and States Part I
Timmons, Terry Premium, United and States Part I
Tibbs, Andrew Aristocrat, Tom Archia, Sax Mallard
Tony Smith & His Aristocrats Mad and M&M
Toole, Samuel Cornelius Theron
Turner, Everett [E. J.] Sun Ra


Valentine, Floyd (Floyd Jones) Miracle, Vee-Jay
Vals Theron


Walker, Jim Daddy Session
Walker, T-Bone Old Swing-Master, Rhumboogie
Ware, Eddie United and States Part I
Warren, Baby Boy Parrot and Blue Lake
Warren, Guy Red Saunders
Washington, Delores Vee-Jay
Washington, Earl Theron, Red Saunders
Washington, Leon Theron, Red Saunders
Washington, Lucius Club 51, Al Smith Part II
Waterford, Crown Prince Hy-Tone
Watt, Noble "Thin Man" Vee-Jay
Webb, Willie Parrot and Blue Lake
Wells, Amos "Junior" United and States Parts I & II
Wheeler, Clarence Mad and M&M
White, Edward "The Great Gates" United and States Part I
Wiggins, Eddie Sultan
Wiley, Arnold "Doc" Vitacoustic
Willette, Baby Face Vee-Jay
Williams, Byllye Opera, Theron
Williams, Freddie Hy-Tone
Williams, Jody Chess Part 2, Parrot and Blue Lake
Williams, Big Joe (guitar, vocals) Vee-Jay
Williams, Joe (Joseph Goreed; vocals) GloTone, Parrot and Blue Lake, Red Saunders
Williams, Johnny Planet and Marvel, Chance
Williams, Paul "Hucklebuck" Vee-Jay
Williams, Po Joe (see Williams, Big Joe)
Williamson, "Homesick" James Chance
Woods, Chris Tommy Dean, United and States Part I
Woods, Maceo Vee-Jay
Wright, Eugene Aristocrat, Parkway


Yancey, Jimmy Session
Yancey, Estelle "Mama" Session
Young, Dave (tenor sax) Aristocrat, Hy-Tone
Young, John (piano) Chance, Seymour
Young, Johnny (mandolin) Old Swing-Master, Planet and Marvel
Young, Marl Rhumboogie, Sunbeam
Young, Trummy Session

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